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About Us

The Community Census & Redistricting Institute (CCRI) is a collaborative of community advocates, academics and attorneys who work together to demonstrate the need for minority representation, draw fair redistricting plans, advocate for the adoption of those plans, defend their legality, and ensure full enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. There are three core functions of the Institute: 1) Expert Preparation & Education; 2) Organization Collaboration; and 3) Data & Research Clearinghouse

In July 2010, CCRI conducted a week-long Expert Preparation and Community Education Program involving more than one hundred social scientists, cartographers, lawyers and community organizers to prepare them for effective participation in the redistricting process. The academics received extensive training on how to assist community groups, how to draw legal redistricting plans and how to conduct the studies required to justify fair representation for racial minority voters. The community organizers had an in-depth training session on the basics of the redistricting process and then joined the academics and lawyers for a final joint day-long program that included a realistic redistricting exercise and a communications workshop.

CCRI is a project of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ). The Southern Coalition for Social Justice is a non-profit public interest legal advocacy organization that promotes justice by empowering minority and low-income communities to defend and advance their political, social and economic rights.

To learn more about SCSJ, please visit: www.southerncoalition.org