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General Resources

Redistricting Basics

-Key Issues and Topics in Redistricting Presentation, Allison Riggs and Anita Earls, SCSJ
-The Impact of Redistricting in Your Community: A Guide to Redistricting, NAACP LDF/AAJC/MALDEF
-A Citizen’s Guide to Redistricting, Brennan Center for Justice
-Maptitude How-To Guide, Josina Morita
-“Resources on Redistricting” One-Pager, SCSJ
-Sample Flier for Advertising a Redistricting Forum
-Handout about redistricting activities that constitute as lobbying, Alliance for Justice
-The ReDistricting Game, USC Annenberg Center

Materials from the July 2010 Community Census & Redistricting Institute (CCRI) Expert Preparation and Community Education Program

The following files are presentations given by speakers at the program. Click on the title to open a particular presentation.

-Prison-based Gerrymandering, Peter Wagner
-Ecological Inference, Paul Liu
-Historical Analyses in Voting Rights Cases, Morgan Kousser
-Voting Dilution Techniques, Mike Sayer
-Redistricting Communications, Makani Themba-Nixon
-Traditional Redistricting Principles, Karin Mac Donald
-Voting Rights and Redistricting, Jerry Wilson
-Serving as an Expert Witness, Jerry Wilson
-Presenting Your Redistricting Plan, Fred McBride
-Regression Analysis, Dick Engstrom
-Census Bureau Redistricting Data, Deidre Biship
-Surname for Ethnicity, Jorge Chapa
-Hispanic and Immigrant Issues, Jorge Chapa
-Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS) Data Products
-Voting Rights Law, Anita Earls

The following files are mapping exercises completed by various groups at the program. Click on the title to open the exercises.

-Redistricting Scenario 1 for Community Groups
-Redistricting Scenario 2 for Community Groups
-Community Redistricting Plan Scenario for Cartographers
-Redistricting Exercises for Cartographers
-Miami Redistricting Scenario for All Conference Attendees
-Miami Redistricting Scenario Presentation, Group 5