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North Carolina

The Redistricting Game

Play the Redistricting Game
The Redistricting Game is a popular teaching tool created by the USC Annenberg Center. Learn about the process – and how it can be undermined – by using this simulation.

Proposed Maps

  • NC Congressional Map – This is a map of the future Congressional districts for the state of North Carolina.
  • NC Congressional Districts with Zero Deviation – (Click here and here to view the data associated with the map.)  This map by SCSJ shows existing district lines (green), and the new lines (black) that correct for population imbalances while preventing retrogression in the effective majority-minority districts that include Section 5 covered counties.  This is intended as an illustrative map to demonstrate that it is possible to 1) meet the federal constitutional one-person, one-vote requirement; 2) comply with the federal Voting Rights Act; 3) preserve the core of existing districts thereby providing stability for many voters; 4) unite important communities of interest in the state; 5) minimize the number of split precincts and 6) draw contiguous districts.

News Coverage

NC Resources

County-Level Pages

NC Secure Page

Click here to log in to our secure page for North Carolina, featuring a private message board and private information.

If you have questions about redistricting in North Carolina or need access to the NC secure page, please contact Jessica Holmes at jessica@southerncoalition.org or 919-323-3380 ext. 210.


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